Moravian Women

Moravian Women



Every woman who is a member of the Lititz Moravian Congregation is welcome and considered a member of our fellowship.

our mission

Our mission is to empower women to claim themselves as a vital part of ministry in the life of the congregation.

Our task as the committee is to create and provide resources and opportunities for:

Growing Faith by developing and organizing small study groups such as:  Circle meetings, Bible studies, book clubs and other learning experiences

 Sharing Hope by providing opportunities to reach out, educate, and serve those in our local and global communities in missions such as:  Ahuas Clinic in Honduras, the Unity Women’s Desk, Local Community Chest, and Women’s Shelters.

Living Love by providing opportunities for women of the congregation and community to fellowship together and support one another with activities such as: Fellowship brunches, Senior Holiday dinner, Women’s Retreats, Winter picnic, Strawberry Festival, etc.

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women's circles

Fellowship, Support, Friendship, Personal Growth, Learning Moravian Perspective
Come help us shape what it means to live as a Christian Moravian woman in today's society.  The Women’s Circle meets the fourth Wednesday of the month at 9:30 AM in the Prep Room.   For more information, contact Diane Bainbridge at 717-626-8515. 


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