Moravian Fellowship

Moravian Fellowship

 This year of inquiry and growth seeded the new Moravian Fellowship.  Our Mission is to empower women, men, and singles to claim themselves as a vital part of ministry in the life of the congregation, and to present their time, talent, and donations for its operation.

 Our task is to create and provide resources and opportunities for Growing Faith, Sharing Hope, and Living Love and follows:

 Growth in Faith – small groups, Bible Studies, Circles, and Upper Room Publications.

Sharing Hope – to reach out and serve those in our local and global Communities in mission.  Examples are Moravian Morsels, Funeral Luncheons, Food Pantries, Community Gardens and Church World Service Refugee Teams and donations.

Living Love – Congregational Picnic, Advent Tea, Dance for Ukraine, Craft Fair Food Booth and Memorial Day Drinks.

 We have established a leadership team and General membership for many undertakings.  This has all been possible with willing volunteers from the congregation.  We are very appreciative of everyone who makes this new beginning possible.  Our meetings are on Sundays at noon once a month except in the summer, when they are evenings during the week.  We welcome all who are interested to join us.