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Stay at Home and Come to Worship

Posted by Pastor Dean Jurgen on

Worship happens…
… in different languages,
… in different cultures,
… in different styles.
… in different theologies,
… in different traditions,
… in different settings,
But, up until these days, worship always happened with a gathering together of the people of God. Now we are called to keep six feet apart from everyone, and not to be in any setting where there are more than ten people. It goes against the way we have always done worship, but it will give glory to God in the highest, and it will bring blessing to his children here below.
Continuing through the weekend, we will offer worship through new technology, which enables us to stay home and yet be in worship with our church family. You’ll need a home computer, tablet, or smart phone to go to our website for simple instructions.
No, you won’t look around the sanctuary to see who came to church, and your family of one or more gathered around the computer will not sing this Sunday with the same gusto, but we will continue our journey toward the cross, and we won’t have to even get out of our jammies. It will be a different experience of worship, but it will focus us on what we need most in worship: to see the Lord. Or to use an analogy, the Water of Life will be the same, but the shape of the container holding that water will be different. The human-made container might not be your cup of tea (or coffee, or juice that you have at your Easter Sunday breakfast), but it is the same Lord that we desire to draw near.
Stay home and come to worship!
Easter Services—Wherever you are;
Whenever You Want (through our website)
Holy Week Readings for Saturday, to cap off this most important week of all history, everyone with a computer can go to our church website and watch the Great Sabbath Service on Saturday with a blending of the 2019 service and a 2020 prayer and message for this year’s Great Sabbath! Hear the story of all stories and hear, or sing along if you have a Holy Week manual.
Easter Sunday the greatest joy of time and eternity is proclaimed in a blending of the songs and praises offered last Easter, and a prayer and meditation by Pastor Dean for this year where the gloom Covid-19 is dispelled by the tomb of the Lord over sin, sickness, and death!