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Our New Pastor, Sayward Lippincott

Posted by Sayward Lippincott on

Since we are in the middle of the baseball season, I thought I would give you my stats:
Husband: Kevin Lippincott, we will be married 14 years at the end of September
Children:  Three, ages 10;  7; and 16 months
Home Congregation: Graceham Moravian Church in Graceham, Maryland
Confirmation Text: 2 Corinthians 5:17 "So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!"
College and Seminary: Moravian College: BA in English Literature and World Religions; Moravian Theological Seminary: MDiv
Favorite Baseball Team: I grew up in Lewistown, Maryland, and I wanted to be like Cal Ripken, Jr. I grew up following the Baltimore Orioles. I spent a few years on the New York Yankees bandwagon. While I was in Labrador, Canada, I realized the O's still had my heart because I would always want to know how Baltimore was doing. I went back to the Orioles with all their issues and losses.
Favorite Football Team: Pre-season will be starting soon, so I thought I would let you know the whole family is Philadelphia Eagles fans. Growing up, I didn't spend much of my time being concerned about any football team. It wasn't until Kevin that my understanding of football increased, and he passed on Eagles fanship to me. We, in turn, are passing it on to our kids.
Favorite Food: It's best to ask me what foods I do not like. Top of the dislike list is Peanut Butter, Lima Beans, Spaghetti, and Meatballs. I do enjoy trying new foods! I have recently discovered that I like Thin Dark Chocolate Reese Cups placed in the freezer. So I do keep trying the foods from my dislikes list. We have a "try a bite whenever if you don't think you will like it" rule in our house. I try to follow that rule as well.
Favorite Person from the Bible: Besides Jesus, it would be Esther. The Book of Esther is one of my favorite books of the Bible as well.
Things that Jesus and I are still working on together: Together, we are working on my patience, trust, ultra-competitive spirit, and worrying. Even Pastors have things they continue to work on with Jesus. We, too, are still on the journey.
My family and I are looking forward to this new chapter that God is writing in our lives. We are excited to know the people of Lititz Moravian and see all of what God has planned for us