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Jesus Knows Me, This I Love!

Posted by Pastor Dean Jurgen on

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are at the heart of the Christian gospel, and Good Friday and Easter are two of the most significant celebrations of the Christian year. Lent is a season of preparation and repentance during which we anticipate Good Friday and Easter. Just as we carefully prepare for big events in our personal lives, such as a wedding or commencement, Lent invites us to make our hearts ready for remembering Jesus’ passion and celebrating Jesus’ resurrection.
The practice of a forty-day preparation period began in the Christian church during the third and fourth centuries. The number forty carries biblical significance based on the forty years Israel spent in the wilderness and Jesus’ forty-day fast in the wilderness. The forty days of Lent begin on Ash Wednesday and continue through holy week, not counting Sundays. Sunday worship focuses on the themes of repentance and renewal, where we focus on our Lord’s suffering and dying, and His call for us to take up our crosses and follow Him.
As a period of preparation, Lent has historically included the instruction of persons for baptism and profession of faith on Easter Sunday; the calling back of those who have become estranged from the church; and efforts by all Christians to deepen their piety, devotion, and readiness to mark the death and resurrection of their Savior. As such, the primary focus of the season is to explore and deepen a “baptismal spirituality” that centers on our union with Christ rather than to function only as an extended meditation on Christ’s suffering and death. The traditional color for the season is purple. Thanks to brother Jeff Gemmell, our Director of Music Ministries, we have been highlighting the contrast between Lent and Eastertide (the period from Easter to Ascension Day or Pentecost or Trinity Sunday) by not singing “Alleluia” during the Lenten season. Musically, the hymns are slower and the mood is somber.
Our 2020 Lenten theme for worship is:
Jesus Knows Me – This I Love!
It’s an old favorite hymn with a new twist, giving us new opportunities to give our life with Jesus and Jesus’ people a new twist as we walk the Lenten road.
ASH WEDNESDAY, February 26, 7:00 p.m.: prayer and songs, with the imposition of ashes for those who would want this sign of repentance on their forehead or hand.
SUNDAY MORNINGS, 9:15 a.m. in the Heritage Dining Room: “The Walk.” Discover the five practices of the Christian life in this video presentation and discussion with pastor/author Adam Hamilton. If you want to dig deeper, this study is for adults of all ages and all stages! Begins March 1.
WEDNESDAYS, 7-7:45 p.m., in the sanctuary. “Jesus: The God Who Knows My Name” is a new video-prompted discussion by the widely popular author Max Lucado. By learning more about who Jesus was and is, we come to understand more clearly the people we were created to be. A Fellowship Supper for all is at 6:00 in the Heritage Dining Room!