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God is with us in the tough times: God Reassures

Posted by Pastor Dean Jurgen on

God knows we need reassurance that God is with us in the tough times such as ours, Did you know that there are 365 verses in the Bible that say “Fear not!”, one for each day? “Don’t be afraid” Jesus says as the storm is about to sink the boat. He’s the one who can say to the storm, “Peace, be still!” and the storm does as the Lord of All commands.
God reassures us in many ways. He is always sending us signs of His loving care. King David was reassured when he saw a sparrow build a nest in the Tabernacle. That enabled him to persevere and turn the Valley of Tears into the Valley of blessing. Jesus also used small, ordinary sparrows, sheep, seeds, and common fishermen to tell the greatest news of the Kingdom of God… the place where God is King.
And, think of it. Marvel and be in awe, that this King of Kings knows your name! Yay! My very name He knows! The prophet Isaiah reminded God’s people that God loves them personally. God reassures us that nothing is so big that it can stop Him, and nothing is too small that it doesn’t matter. Jesus speaks of moving mountains and appreciating the wild flowers blooming. In large ways and small ways he shows us that He tenderly cares, and we never need to doubt His love for us.
Brenda Minner tells us of God’s reassurance with something very small having a great impact. She says in a story she wrote for Guideposts magazine, “Hurrying through the supermarket, I accidently knocked over a display of shoelaces. Impulsively, in my embarrassment, I flung a packet of shoelaces into my shopping cart and, after paying for them, put in my purse. Then I was off to the rehabilitation hospital where I’d been visiting daily with Donald, a man whose arms and legs were paralyzed after he’d fallen from a ladder.                 That day I found Donald unusually despondent. “Brenda”’ he said to me after we had our physical therapy session, “I’ve tried to be cheerful about all this, but sometimes I feel as though God doesn’t really care any more about what happened to me.
“You KNOW He cares,” I began. But I had no real answer for him. We sat in silence.
“Oh, by the way,” Donald said to me as I started to leave, “no big deal, but the nurse broke one of my shoestrings this morning. Could you get me a new pair?”
Shoe strings! I opened my purse and took out the brown pair from the supermarket. We stare at them in amazement. I bent down and laced the strings into Donald’s shoes. Shoestrings. For a pair of shoes on feet that could not move to wear them out. For a set of hands that could not even tie the bow.
“Donald, if God cares enough to supply you with shoestrings before you even ask, “I said, “I’m sure He cares for you in more important ways.” A smile broke on his face. “Yes, you’re right,” Donald said. “I’m sure too.”
Shoe strings. Whenever I am discouraged, I think of them. Then I know that God does care for me, to, meticulously, intimately. Right down to the laces in my shoes.
What “brown shoelaces” object or experience has God given you?