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Following Faithfully in Fearful Times

Posted by Pastor Dean Jurgen on

Faithful, faith-drained and faith seeking followers: Read the Moravian Daily Texts for today and say what I said, and three others said when they read it. “Wow! WOW! WOW!!” There are days when that cherished, old prayer book speaks the Lord’s good word, and we get something out of it. But today the Moravian Daily Texts speaks with a trumpet blast, loud and clear in every word. “Wow!” God is still speaking! Here are some reflections of mine.
Psalm 27:5 should be read in its context; so go fetch your Bible and read all of Psalm 27 first and see two realities spoken: fear and confidence. Confidence blasts forth from the first verse, and you can follow this confidence to the end of this Psalm. Because the Lord is my Light, my Salvation, my stronghold I have no reason at all to fear, and I have every reason to be confident. Does God’s activity in your life give you confidence when evil men come to devour you, that they will stumble and fall? If there was an army out to get you, even then would you be confident? How about when the Coronavirus enemy is unleashed on the planet? Shall I be afraid? No way! Even then I will be confident! There is a time of trouble, but we are safe when we are living with Him and living for Him, for God is our dwelling place.
My head shall be lifted up above my viral enemy, Covid 19, for God provides me with protection and in that I am 100% confident!
Fear or Confidence? Which one do you want to lead you? Which one comes from God? Surely we face an almost unbelievable enemy in Covid 19. We need confidence to face and eradicate this viral enemy, and that is precisely what God gives us. The writer of this Psalm (most likely
From Moravian Daily Texts 2020:
“In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; and in all things, love.”
David) is faced with armies opposing him. Does God wipe out the armies? No, they are still present, still menacing; but GOD is very/ever present with us (see Psalm 46:1) so that in the midst of trouble, I am confident, my heart will not fear and that day is coming when I will join others with shouts of joy, making music to praise the Lord! Isn’t that what we need today? Solid, unchanging confidence in our Deliverer!
There are all kinds of enemies we face these days: our emotions, trials, temptations, sorrows, troubled hearts, confused minds, economic losses, failing health, death of loved ones, loss of loved ones, loss of joy, etc. Fear can also be an enemy. We often let our fears run away with us. I know this has been happening to me every time I tune in to the news. The darkness is accelerating faster and faster… confidence can be hard to get ahold of… anxiety seems to reign supreme… the peace of God that passes understanding can seem like a jigsaw puzzle when we forget that Jesus is the missing peace. The truth is that some of our fears and troubles are quite manageable. They only seem oversized because looking at them through eyeglasses of fear makes them larger than they are. Our fear invests them with power. Like the French woman who said, “I don’t believe in ghosts, but I’m afraid of them!” The dread of illness can be worse than the illness itself. The fear of failure can be more fatal than the failure itself. For some, troubles and problems can become a blessing when they provide power for us to raise our head above the enemies all around! The challenge of facing those things that seemed impossible is a challenge that can set us free!
And that is just the OT watchword for this day! How about the first hymn: “When foes without and fears within and cares upon us weigh, God, who our strength and shield has been, will help us still today!” WOW! And the NT verse: “Therefore I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions and calamities for the sake of Christ; for whenever I am weak, then I am strong.” Lead on O King eternal, we follow not with fears!! WOW! WOW Indeed!