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A Word of Encouragement for Our Families

Posted by Our Pastors on

While sleeping late on Sunday morning can be nice, it doesn’t help “grow faith, share hope, or live love,” as we state is the purpose of the church. Consider some of the life-long benefits of Sunday School attendance for your child. Here are 10 reasons to make it a priority in your family.
1. Age-Targeted Teaching: Where else can your child get Biblical instruction that speaks to their level of understanding? Children have a natural curiosity about God. Meeting them where they are, in the small group of a Sunday School class, frees them to ask their questions of faith, and find foundational truths of the Bible that help them to believe.
2. Friends: In Sunday School, your child will build positive friendships with their peers as they discover new understandings of God's love, God’s laughter, and God’s presence together. They will experience the joy that they truly matter to God.
3. It's Fun: Sunday School is not Disney World, but our teachers do work hard to teach the Bible in ways that are relevant, real, and fun for children. Using games and activities, songs and stories, children find the joy of the Lord, not from lecture, but from experience.
4. Spiritual Mentors: A dedicated teacher can be a Christian role model who supports you and helps inspire the faith of your child. The Christian faith is both caught by children, and taught to children, and Sunday School teachers show God’s love in what they say and what they do.
5. Learning the Bible : Our curriculum is designed to give a broad foundation, so children will understand how all the parts of Scripture tie in with the one big story of what God has done for us in Jesus.
6. Praying Teachers: Our teachers join you in praying for your child's faith to grow. Coming to Sunday School gives another occasion for God to answer those requests.
7. Big Reward For a Small Investment: If you're already coming to church, just come a little earlier. That one change will equal over 800 hours of additional Christian teaching before your child graduates.
8. Send the Right Message: Making Sunday School a priority shows your child that God's Word really does matter more than pillow-time.
9. Adult Bible Fellowship: While the children enjoy their class, you can fellowship with other adults in your own Bible study group. We have three adult fellowship / small study groups: The Liquid Class and the Seeker’s Class usually use DVDs which focus on a topic, give new insights into our faith which come from the author or speaker, and the free-flowing discussion of what it means to us. Keeping Holy Time Class discusses the scriptures shared in worship, digging deeper into the day’s scripture.
10. A Real Sense of Belonging:: Families who come to Sunday School are more likely to feel a great blessing of belonging and valuing of the church community, which has promised to love and nurture the young believers in Christ!