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A Call To Prayer

Posted by Pastor Dean Jurgen on


Church Family,

As servants of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, we come to you with an urgent need for prayer, Our congregation’s Biblical watchword for 2021, “Christ is our peace” (Ephesians 2:14) calls us to doing prayerful deeds of peace. As citizens in a land that is hurting and in pain, we are calling for a time to pray for peace to replace the violent events which took place yesterday in Washington DC at our nation's Capitol building. We ask you to pray for the Reign of Christ and the call to love our neighbor. May the peace of our Lord be felt by all. Please pray with us...

 God of shalom and justice, you have called us to the task of loving one another, friend and enemy alike. You call us to pray for even those who persecute us. In this time of violence and insecurity, we pray for the safety of each person in Washington, DC. For residents fearing for their safety, we pray your protection. For those committing violence, we pray peace. For those policing order, we pray mercy and judiciousness. For those in authority, we pray wisdom. All of these we pray in the name of the King of Kings and Prince of Peace, Jesus our Christ. Amen.

 Please reach out if you need to speak with one of us.

In Christ's peace,

Pastors Dean and Mark.