Planned Giving & Stewardship

Planned Giving & Stewardship

 Online Giving is available any time for those who like the convenience of connecting electronically through our secure web portal.

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General Offering takes place during every regular Sunday service. 

 Second Mile Offering takes place on the second Sunday of each month. The offering baskets come around for a second time to collect additional funds for various local or Moravian or other special causes. Click here to see the current year's monthly distribution.

 Joyful Noise Offering takes place on the fourth Sunday of each month. Following the children's sermon, the children grab metal buckets and collect loose change to help children locally and around the world. Click here to see the current year's monthly distribution.

 Planned Giving  is the deliberate consideration of how some of our earthly treasure can be used to fulfill our vision for the Church.  The Lititz Moravian  Congregation is fortunate that many members have taken the step and provided for the future.

 Deliberate planning is the way to make a difference.  It's the way we join future generations in Christian witness.

 Please click here to download the "Our Legacy" brochure, which provides a general introduction to Planned Giving.

 The George and Anna Klein Society  was established to:

  • Remember and honor those in the "Church Triumphant" who have provided an end-of-life gift to Lititz Moravian by bequest or other planned  giving instrument;
  • To endow or otherwise support the mission and witness of the congregation, inform and encourage the living in the "Church Militant" to consider planned gifts such as gift annuities, charitable trusts, and testamentary instruments that further enhance the ministry of the congregation.

George and Anna Klein were surely in the vanguard of planned giving.  When they offered their farm to establish Lititz in 1753, they had been considering their supporting role in matters of faith for more than a decade.

It was 1742 when George Klein first engaged Count Nicholas Zinzendorf in discussion about the ecumenical "Church of the Spirit."  Like many destined to make a difference, George and Anna Klein began with a small gift in 1744, a parcel of land for a "union" church to be known as St. James.

They took yet another step when they provided more land for the building of the first Gemeinhaus, primarily a place for a Moravian school.  Finally, in 1753, they offered their entire farm to Count Zinzendorf to establish a community that we now call Lititz.  I took several years to arrange the details, but in 1756, Count Zinzendorf accepted their gift for the Church and agreed to provide the Kleins with life income.  That was a planned gift that would make a difference.

Contact the church office (717-626-8515) if you are interested in becoming a contributing member of the Klein Society.