Lititz Moravian Church

We Are a Safe Church

05.19.19 | Children & Youth, About Us

      We celebrate God’s tender love and concern for our children, especially as it is expressed through the words and actions of parents, relatives and guardians and will do all that we can to work with all caregivers to protect our children and youth from any kind of abuse.  While we would like to believe that such abuse could never take place in a church or Christian home, the fact is that many children and youth are being abused within the Christian community every year.  Our church is not immune to the effects of sin, and it would be presumptuous for us to assume that this problem could never occur in our church.

    Therefore, Lititz Moravian Congregation wants to join with parents, relatives and guardians to provide a safe environment and protect all children and youth who attend LMC from any abusive situation in all areas of their lives. We want to mitigate Lititz Moravian Congregation’s risk related to the care of children and youth by establishing a policy (available at the office and near every classroom) that complies with the PA Commonwealth child abuse laws, meets the test of reasonable care and protects our church from the scandal and trauma that an incident of abuse could bring upon our congregation

     As leaders in the Body of Christ, we accept the responsibility of leading and training those whom the Lord calls to serve our Congregation. In order to support and reassure the parents of our children and guests, LMC is committed to creating a safe and healthy environment in which young people can learn about and experience God's love.  It is the policy of the church to provide adequate, trained supervision for all classroom activities.  All employees must be certified as Trusted Adults. All adult volunteers who work with children must complete all clearances required by law and be classified as Certified Adults. In addition, Trusted Adults must have completed the CPP training.

     We will persistently and proactively train, equip, and empower our employees and the volunteers who work with children and youth to provide a safe environment and to effectively identify and respond when abuse is suspected within our church body or surrounding community.