Lititz Moravian Church

LMC COVID-19 Resuming Normal Guidelines for ending of Pandemic, Effective 4/10/2022

04.02.22 | About Us | by Joint Boards


     Effective 4/10/2022 - Seating in the Church and Passing Offering Plates

    Due to the Governor’s mandates, CDC guidelines, and best practices, Lititz Moravian will continue to offer online services for all worshippers, particularly for those considered to be high risk, and those who may choose not to attend live services at this time. Lititz Moravian, while following best practices, cannot guarantee a COVID-19 free environment. Everyone who chooses to attend a live service accepts the risks of potential cross contamination of COVID-19 and will not hold Lititz Moravian liable.

     This document will be periodically updated as conditions change and reviewed on an annual basis.

     High Risk worshippers include:

    1. People over 65
    2. People with chronic lung disease
    3. People with serious heart conditions
    4. People who are immunocompromised
    5. People with severe obesity
    6. People with diabetes
    7. People with chronic kidney disease or on dialysis
    8. People with liver disease
    9. Unvaccinated adults
    10. Feeling sick? – If you are not feeling well, please stay home. 

    Sanctuary Services:

    1. Routine Cleaning – The Sanctuary cleaning will be in accordance with all written Housekeeping and sanitation policies and procedures.
    2. Seating – Sanctuary seating will move to open seating with no restrictions, except that the Sanctuary Safety Zone will be maintained as a mask required section of the Church with every other row seating for hi-risk individuals in the N West Amen Pews.   
    3. Singing/Choir – Physical distancing for singing will be evaluated by the Pastors, Music Director and staff. They will develop a plan for singing and choir participation. The plan will be implemented and monitored by the Elders.
    4. Mask Policy – Wearing a mask will remain optional effective 3/26/22. Masks will be required in the Sanctuary Safety Zone. N West Amen pew.
    5. Role of Ushers and Greeters will resume normal operations. Greeter will not be required to shake hands. All doors will be opened.
    6. Hand Shaking – The traditional hand shaking by greeters will not be part of their duties. Hand shaking will not be part of the worship service.
    7. Commitment to Social/Physical Distancing – All coat hangers will be restored to the coat racks. Worshippers will maintain reasonable a Social/Physical distance.
    8. Restore of Pew Bibles, Hymnals, Pencils sign-in pads. – Return to normal operations.
    9. Joyful Noise collection will return to normal operation 3/26/22 under the ushers supervision.
    10. Offertory/Collection The physical passing of the collection plates for offerings will be resumed for any service on or after 4/10/22 when a sufficient complement of ushers are available to physically pass the offering plates. In the event that a sufficient number of ushers are not available for a service, as determined by the Head Sacristan, the offering plates will be located near the Star room and in the Narthex. 
    11. Sanitizing Stations – Hand sanitizing stations will continue be located in the following locations…………………… 3 doors to the Sanctuary
    12. Rest Rooms/Drinking Fountains – Resume normal operations and cleaning per written Church policy.
    13. Communion – Will be administered in the following manner: pre-packaged wafers and juice. Their distribution method will be determined.
    14. Love Feast – Will be conducted in the following manner: Love Feast will follow a written plan has developed for each service.
    15. Sound Booth – Worshippers are to maintain a social/physical distance of 6 feet from Sound Booth Staff.  
    16. Pastors may greet worshippers after services are completed.  They may locate themselves at an appropriate physical/social distance to say goodbye to worshippers.
    17. Outdoors services will be conducted with no restrictions

    Other Church Buildings:

    1. “Outside” groups will still be considered on a case-by-case basis by our Facilities Request Committee.   All activities must continue to schedule through the church office). 
    2. Federal, State, and CDC guidelines will be followed in all church buildings.
    3. Security/Building Access and Lockdown – The church buildings will resume normal business hours and now permit office access through the outside office door.
    4. Mask Policy Masks continue to be optional effective 3/26/22
    5. Commitment to Social/Physical Distancing – All employees and visitors will maintain reasonable social/physical distance.
    6. Sunday School/Nursery – Is opened per its written safety plan.
    7. Security/Office Visitors/Workers – resume normal business hours.

    Communication/Connection Plan of New Church Policies and Practices to Members:

    1. These policies will be made available to the congregation by the Church office.

    Note: The original COVID19 written guidelines remain on file in the event they are needed for the next pandemic.

    The only remaining restrictions related to seating and physical distancing will be addressed at a later date.