Reading (PA) Moravian Center

Reading (PA) Moravian Center

Lititz Moravian Congregation has been part of an innovative effort unlike anything that has ever been done in the Moravian Church Northern Province before! Starting in June 2017, we have partnered with the Reading Moravian Church to form The Reading Moravian Center of the Lititz Moravian Congregation! This is a new model of church organization for the greater purpose of doing the mission of the church!

Reading Moravian Church, like so very many inner city churches, had been in a decline of membership for many years, and realized that if things continued as they were, they would have to close their doors probably in 2019. Yet for the past nine years or so, they had an active outreach to the neighbors of the church who were facing food insecurity: a monthly food pantry give-away, and a monthly free home-cooked meal. This little church has been making a big difference for many of its neighbors. The sadness of so many church members was the prospect of not only losing their church, but losing the mission and blessing of passing on God’s love to their neighbors. This mission had become such a blessing to both the church and the neighbors. Reading Moravians had discovered that in forgetting about themselves, and their church’s survival, and serving others in need, they found a new purpose far greater than the church’s survival.

The radical and innovative idea of dissolving the Reading congregation and becoming a mission outreach in partnership with another Moravian Church was studied, debated and approved. This would cut some of the costs of being congregation on their own, and continue to care for their neighbors through their food pantry and community meal, and continue worship and fellowship with each other and the neighbors they are serving!

So, because mission now matters more to them than doing church as they once did, they invited Lititz Moravian to partner with them and consider the possibility of being a kind of satellite mission of our congregation! This partnership offers has offered us all the opportunity to be part of a hands-on ministry with the folks of Reading. Think of them as a “branch office” of Lititz Moravian, fully united with us, but serving and worshipping in Reading.

Through this partnership we have hopes of expanding the inner city ministry beyond the two monthly events, with dreams of expanding the food ministry to more than twice a month, tutoring students of the nearby elementary school, etc.

If you would like to volunteer at a food pantry distribution or a community dinner,  Brenda  Watson, who is coordinating volunteers from Lititz, via the Church office.   Phone: (717) 626-8515  Email

For information regarding the Care and Share Ministries of Reading Moravian Church see the Helping Hands page for ways you can participate in our mission to serve the hungry of the Reading area.